Exclusive Group Events:

TBC’s Group Event Programs bring the excitement of head to head racing to all participants. We can host special events, group events, and private parties. We pride ourselves on providing our guests with an unforgettable experience.

Before the official dropping of the Green Flag, all drivers attend a pre-race Drivers’ meeting given by our staff. The briefing covers the operations of the karts, track regulations, flag systems, safety procedures and, a few driving tips.

Super Sprint Event:

  • An organized race event that brings out the competitive spirit of all individuals.
  • Each person participates in an introductory Warm Up Race Heat so the drivers can become familiar with the track.
  • The drivers then drive in a Qualifying Race Heat that determines the starting position for all the qualified drivers in the Main Event Heat(s).
  • During the Main Event Heat(s) the other group members will cheer for their favorite driver on our designated observation areas around the track.
  • Afterwards all drivers proceed to the Winners Circle to recognize the winners.
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Team Building Events:

The Ultimate Team Building Experience

Looking for a different experience for you and your team?

Join TBC’s Super Speed Challenge, designed specifically to help everyone bond and enjoy some healthy competition.  Say goodbye to your usual team building activities because we have an exciting day planned.

Endurance Relay:

  • Your party will divide into teams and pick team names. Each team will then be assigned a specific kart.
  • The object is to race as a team and to complete the most laps during the specified time limit.
  • In order to succeed teams will need to communicate action plans, show cooperation in execution, and have team support for each other.
  • Each team will be required to make a certain number of driver changes. Drivers will be required to exit the kart and change drivers with a teammate.
  • This is our most popular team building event. It brings out several group team dynamics including communications, leadership, and time management.
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As part of your group’s race experience at TBC, if requested, we are able to hold an awards and presentation ceremony. Be sure to include trophies for the winners, Team T-Shirts and other racing items available through your TBC Account Manager. These items will make this an event your guests will remember for a long time.We also offer Meeting and Banquet facilities as well as full service catering. See our Catering sheet for seating and menu selections.

Customer Review

Really fantastic place to go. The track is really great, karts have a lot of go to them too. Staff is very great most of the time. I’d highly recommend this place if you enjoy a good race.

Customer Review
The best carting in Richmond. Better than the no fun electric cart place nearby. They cater to groups and allow almost any format of races. I can say a group of friends here in carts will leave you story telling for days. Insane fun and no dumb format to drain your wallet to go full speed like the other place

Track Regulations:

  • Last race is 30 mins prior to closing and you must arrive at the facility at least 60 mins prior to closing to complete the waiver form and view the safety briefing video.
  • Min. height to operate karts: 58 Inches
  • Min. age to race: 11 years old
  • No double karts