2021 Summer Championships: Final Race Recap

Championship Rules & Regulations

  • Admission fee $99.00
  • 60 Contestants Maximum
  • All Contestants will receive a minimum of 4 races (2 Qualifying + 2 Free Race Passes for practicing) and up to 10 races if you advance to the Champions Race
  • Racers must be ages 19 years or older
  • Arrival time @ 8pm, Race start @ 8:30pm
  • League races will be hosted between 7:30 – 8:00 or 8:30pm Monday to Friday
  • Races will have no more than 6 people racing at a time
  • Qualifying races are conducted based on best lap times ONLY
  • Semi-Finals, Finals, and Champion’s Race will be conducted based on a point accrual system from best lap times and positions. Barrier and driver collisions will result in time penalties and potential disqualification.
  • Should any racers become belligerent or violent for any reason, TBC will document the exchange and ban them from the competition or premise at our discretion. Racers get a maximum of 1 warning and a second warning will equate to disqualification from the competition.
  • 6 Feet Social Distancing and Face Masks are mandatory within the premise.